2020 - FAQs

2020 FAQs

Do you have CE sessions?
Yes, please see the agenda for specifics on the sessions. We have up to 20 hours of CE available at this time.
Is there a cancellation policy?
No, we do not have a cancellation policy with this virtual conference. You have the opportunity to do your sessions online and earn the CE credits for up to 12 months after the actual event.
Do I need to pre-register for sessions?
No, there is no need to pre-register for sessions this year. Once you registered for the event you are registered for all sessions.
Are there any set dates and times for these classes?
No! Once you are registered for the event, you have access to the entire event for up to 12 months and earn RACE approved CE credits.
Why should I attend?
VetSummit Virtual has been created with Veterinary Practices in mind. Veterinary practices around the world are experiencing a new “normal” whether they are closed due to the virus, open for emergencies only, whatever the situation of your practice. We know that you still need education and help adjusting to this new normal. Which is why we have brought in some of the best innovative speakers in the industry who have customized their sessions to fit the needs of our Veterinary Practices.
If I live outside the US or Canada, can I still attend?
Yes! Time zones don’t matter. Once you register you will have access to the on-demand sessions 24/7, letting you earn up to 20 CE within the next 12 months.