2020 - Agenda

2020 VetSummit Agenda


Year in Review (Georgia Wraight, Eric Garcia & Dave Nicol)

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Understanding Animal Behavior - 1 CE (Temple Grandin)

Animals live in a sensory based world of sight, sound, touch, smell, and taste. To understand animal behavior, you have to get away from thinking in verbal language. Sight is often the dominant sense when an animal becomes afraid of something. It may associate something it was looking at with a painful or stressful event. The Jaak Panksepp emotional systems will also be covered. They are FEAR, RAGE, PANIC (Separation Distress), SEEK, SEX, NURTURE, and PLAY. Learn more.

Increasing Influence - 1 CE (Francis Frei)

Frances Frei believes everyone has a superpower that can be used for good. That is, when it’s harnessed correctly. In Frei’s work with numerous organizations, covering various industries, one very clear pattern has emerged. Change makers, organization builders, and corporate fire starters are unintentionally limiting themselves in their efforts to become exceptional leaders. As a result, companies aren’t getting the best from their people. Frei wants top-level executives – and their teams – to stop holding themselves back. Leaders too many times try to go it alone. But, leadership is a team sport, says Frei. To have real and lasting influence, you need to work tirelessly to create the conditions for everyone to thrive. Frei shares with audiences her high-impact guidance for how best to lead – not just manage – in order to help others unlock the greatness in themselves. Learn more.


Osteosarcoma 2020: Review and What's New - 1 CE (Dr. Sue Ettinger)

In this lecture, we will highlight a practical approach to canine osteosarcoma, including diagnostics, treatment and prognosis. We will focus on the treatment options, including curative intent and palliative approaches to address pain when amputation is declined. This lecture will provide you the overview you need to know when you talk the owner about treatment options and associated statistics. New breakthroughs in treatment will also be covered, including the canine osteosarcoma vaccine and updates on current chemotherapy protocols. Learn more.

The Science of Compounding - 1 CE (Bruce Dell)

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Dog Lymphoma Cliff Notes 2020: What You Need to Know - 1 CE (Dr. Sue Ettinger)

The diagnosis of lymphoma can be overwhelming for both clinician and the pet owner. There are a confusing number of diagnostic tests, prognostics factors, and treatment protocols. This presentation will highlight the essential information you need to know in practice. We will cover what you need to tell owners, how to say it, and the necessary (and not necessary) diagnostics, prognosis, treatment options, survival times with and without treatment, and supportive care options including steroids when treatment is declined. Learn more.

The 5 Ingredients of Hospice - 1 CE (Dr. Mary Gardner)

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The Endocannabinoid System: A new target for pain management - 1 CE (Stephen Cital)

The endocannabinoid system (ECS) has been around since the beginning of vertebrate species, but why did we never learn about it in vet or tech school? With numerous pharmaceuticals and plant-based options targeting the ECS receptors we will delve into what the ECS really is and does in the mammalian body in regard to pain management. We will also discuss the endocannabinoidome, which is a more recent expansion of the ECS. Attendees will learn in brief the system of receptors cannabinoids works on. They will be introduced to the current literature in small animals in relation to cannabinoids as well as have a practical understanding of using cannabinoid in practice. Learn more.

Common Mistakes to Avoid in your Poisoned Patients - 1 CE (Dr. Justine Lee)

In this 1-hour lecture, Dr. Justine Lee, DACVECC, DABT reviews how to appropriately treat the veterinary poisoned patient. From whether to decontaminate, what emetic agents to use in a dog versus a cat, when to gastric lavage, or when to administer activated charcoal, this lecture will review all things toxicology related. Learn more.

Practice Management

Implementing an Online Pharmacy - 1 CE (Stephanie Foster)

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Former practice manager and consultant Stephanie Foster will share the value and strategies when implementing an online pharmacy into your practice. Including how to utilize client communications, updated workflows, and staff incentives to get adoption and engagement. Learn more.

Incorporating Telemedicine into your Practice Workflow - 1 CE (Eric Garcia)

Eric Garcia will share the value of telemedicine for veterinary practices including identifying workflows to incorporate into your average veterinary practice. As well as provide communication strategies to help with scheduling telemedicine consultations. Learn more.

Mapping the Euthanasia Experience During COVID - 1 CE (Dr. Mary Gardner)

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Hot Tips to Reduce Inventory Costs and Boost Revenue - 1 CE (Denise Tumblin)

Inventory costs can be a huge burden to practices if not well managed. In this one hour CE session Denise Tumblin will share Well-managed inventory benchmarks, tips on how to determine why your inventory costs may be too high while trying to identify revenue growth opportunities in your practice. Learn more.

Hiring the next generation of veterinarians in a post-COVID world - 1 CE (Dave Nicol)

Recruitment has been difficult for practices all over the world with contributing factors such as the COVID crisis and the lack of clinical staff. For a while uncertainty gripped the industry, there were many vets and technicians who were furloughed or lost jobs. Now, as things seem to be busier than ever, hiring is returning to a more normal (and depressing) pattern. But there is still an opportunity to attract talent into your practice. But you are going to have to do things differently. In this session recruitment and leadership expert Dr Dave Nicol will reveal what’s gone wrong and help you to formulate a plan to beat the market and attract the right people to help your practice grow. Learn more.

Curbside Communications - How to Maximize Efficiency - 1 CE (Eric Garcia)

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Eric Garcia will outline the benefit of enhancing the curbside client experience by utilizing video communication with integrated and non-integrated technologies. He will discuss digital to tools and strategies to enhance client education including emails, online pharmacy and more. Learn more.

Team Buy-In Survival Guide - 1 CE (Dr. Andy Roark)

A talk/workshop for managers and leaders who want to get their staff or doctors to buy into a program or proposal. Too often, leaders in practice have great ideas and important programs that simply get ignored by their staff. These projects are shot down, or simply not executed. This session is all about making ideas come from the group so that the whole team “owns” them. For getting staff engagement during team meetings, there simply isn’t a better session out there. Learn more.

Managing Fees: Pricing, Principles, Tips, and Trends - 1 CE (Denise Tumblin)

Navigating pricing and or fees in a practice can be daunting and sometimes overwhelming. Denise Tumblin will share various strategies to be sure you are attaching the most value to the services and products your offer your clients. She will also discuss various compensation strategies to ensure doctors, teams, and the practice are compensated appropriately for the quality of care and customer service. Learn more.


How to Find Our Happy Again: Parts 1 & 2 - 1 CE per session (Bash Halow)

In this two-part lecture, Bash Halow delivers a brief State Of Workers’ Mental Health Address with information from the world’s top authorities on the matter of employee wellbeing. He then follows through with research, insight, and work protocols designed to help all of us understand, manage and improve the work life and mental health of our co-workers and ourselves. Learn more.

Million Dollar Technician - 1 CE (Dr. Andy Roark)

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Veterinary technicians are the most under-utilized source of revenue in practice today. It’s time to start leveraging, engaging, and supporting them to increase pet owner compliance, grow practice revenue, and expand doctor capacity for seeing appointments. In this session, we will explain what a “Million Dollar Technician” does so differently from other techs, lay out the operational systems required to support this behavior, and provide exam room communication approaches that work. Learn more.

Surefire Ways to Increase Refills and Make More Money - 1 CE (Wendy S. Myers)

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Dr. Smith is losing an average of $10,000 per month to internet pharmacies (totaling a monstrous $120,000 annually). He’s had enough, and I bet you have, too. Get practical, proven strategies to increase refills that result in better patient care and truckloads of money. What you’ll learn:

  • Why COVID-19 escalated clients’ online RX sales (and it’s now a habit)
  • What it REALLY costs your hospital when clients leave without preventatives
  • Strategies to keep prescription sales in your practice
  • Cut the volume of calls with text, email, and app reminders (get templates)
  • How to set up auto refills to lockdown future sales

BONUS: Facilitator’s guide to help your team set goals from the training. Learn more.