Keynote: Increasing Influence - 1 CE
Frances Frei

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Frances Frei believes everyone has a superpower that can be used for good. That is, when it’s harnessed correctly. In Frei’s work with numerous organizations, covering various industries, one very clear pattern has emerged. Change makers, organization builders, and corporate fire starters are unintentionally limiting themselves in their efforts to become exceptional leaders. As a result, companies aren’t getting the best from their people. Frei wants top-level executives – and their teams – to stop holding themselves back. Leaders too many times try to go it alone. But, leadership is a team sport, says Frei. To have real and lasting influence, you need to work tirelessly to create the conditions for everyone to thrive. Frei shares with audiences her high-impact guidance for how best to lead – not just manage – in order to help others unlock the greatness in themselves.

October 17 @ 14:45
14:45 — 15:45 (1h)

Frances Frei