Four Steps to Wellness Plan Success

Four Steps to Wellness Plan Success

Running a veterinary practice means managing a thousand little details. With all that’s on your mind, how can you be sure you’re getting the best value out of wellness plans, for both you and your clients?

Wellness plans mean different things to different practices. For the purposes of this article, a wellness plan is an agreement between a practice and a pet owner in which health care services are provided over the course of the plan and paid for over time based on an agreed payment schedule.

Practices that offer wellness plans are able to book more appointments and provide their patients with the care they need to thrive. Clients benefit because they pay for services over time rather than in one lump sum.

Are you interested in offering wellness plans to your clients? Great! Check out these 4 simple steps to wellness plan success.

One – Get Your Paperwork Ready.
You need to be very clear with clients about what you’re offering and how (and how much) they will pay. You can offer a single plan or multiple plan types, depending on your patient roster and other factors. Wellness plans are most popular for older and younger dogs and cats—think senior care and puppy or kitten visits. Prepare a short document that outlines the services being offered for each plan, the length of the plan (typically 1 year), and the payment schedule. Here is a sample Wellness Plan!

Two – Get the Word Out!
Now that you’re offering wellness plans, you’ll want to make sure your clients know they are available. A first step is to post a sign in your waiting room. You can also spread the word quickly and easily via social media or email.

Three – Talk to Clients.
Now that you have your paperwork and promotional materials in order, be sure to talk about the wellness plan during every client visit. You never know what clients can afford—or need—unless you give them the option.

Four – Track Your Success!
Once clients sign up, it’s best to track who is doing what with which wellness plan. The best way to do that is with practice management software that integrates with your payment processing system. There is no better way to track whether a service was provided and paid for than by payment integration. And yes, our practice management solutions include this functionality!

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