Four Big Questions To Ask When Considering Cloud PiMS

Four Big Questions To Ask When Considering Cloud PiMS

At Covetrus, we offer a wide array of practice information management system (PIMS) options, both on premise and in the cloud. Many Practice Managers ask us: how do I know if moving to the cloud is for me? After working with hundreds of practices, we can share these four key considerations:

One – Do you need remote PIMS access?
Does your practice require PIMS data entry from a barn, mobile van or something similar? If so, then the cloud is an ideal solution for you. Cloud systems are also built to be accessible from multiple devices, such as a tablet or smartphone.

Two – Do you have a major hardware refresh coming up?
Hardware refreshes typically take place every 3-5 years. That’s when your hardware company gives you a quote to upgrade or update your infrastructure. If your hardware refresh date is coming up, then it might be a good time to look at a cloud-based solution, since that can decrease the cost of hardware needed to run your practice.

Three – Are you considering change of ownership or valuation activity?
When you’re looking to sell your practice, you want to put your best foot forward. Having a cutting edge and innovative PiMS already in place can give you a key competitive edge without making a huge capital investment.

Four – Are you starting out your practice and want to keep costs low?
Cloud-based solutions can also be ideal for new practices. The fact that you can get started with little to no hardware overhead can make cloud-based PIMS an attractive option.

Interested in learning more about PIMS the cloud? Check out our solution at We offer the industry’s leading cloud-based PIMS, and you can review the software by downloading it via a free trial.

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