How to Make the Most Out of Your Time at VetSummit

How to Make the Most Out of Your Time at VetSummit

Three days, over 100 sessions, 15 CE credit hours — how do you make the most of your time at VetSummit 2018?

Start with choosing the right sessions.  Look at the focus tracks and choose a path that fits your needs based on your goals or role at your practice:

  • If you’re the practice manager, sessions in the Human Resources focus track might be of interest.
  • Owners and practice managers might be interested in the Revenue Strategy, Finance, or Marketing and Driving Traffic sessions.
  • New staff members might benefit from the Back-to-the-Basics tracks.
  • If one of your goals is to go paperless, look at the Paperless sessions in the focus track.
  • Is inventory management on your list of goals? Look under software specific sessions for the Inventory Management courses.
  • If your goal is to better utilize your software program and learn efficiencies, look under General courses and consider sessions on Workflow or Streamlining.

Whichever track you choose, be sure to read the course description to ensure it’s the right fit.

Want suggestions for getting the most out of each class?
  • Before the session begins, write down what your key objective is for attending the class.
  • Consider sitting closer to the front of the room to take full advantage of seeing and hearing the session.
  • Use your guide to jot down key pieces of information you want to implement, but don’t try to write down too much information, as it is all provided in the downloadable manual on the mobile app.
  • Ask questions!  If you have a question, other people probably do as well.
  • When the class is nearing the end, review your key objective for attending. If that goal was not met, ask specific questions of the speaker, or ask to discuss the issue further with him/her during a break.
  • Listen not only to the speaker, but to the other, specific scenarios other attendees have.
  • Before you leave the class, write down one or two takeaways from the class that you’ll go back to your practice and implement.

Attend morning general sessions.  This is the perfect start to your days’ classes, and a great way to get energized and learn insights from industry leaders with thought provoking content.

Network, network, network!  Talk to other attendees before sessions, in the halls, and at breakfast and lunch.  Exchange business cards, and keep in touch.  One of the best things about attending an event like VetSummit is the contacts you’ll make.  Don’t be afraid to strike up a conversation with someone from one of your sessions, and gain more insight into their practice’s challenges and goals.  This is as much a part of learning at the event as sitting in a training session.

Visit the exhibitors to see what products or services they offer, and if any will benefit your practice.  Unlike a large trade show with thousands of people going through the exhibit area, VetSummit is a smaller venue that allows for more intimate conversations.

And don’t forget to have fun! 

Whether you’re from the area or not, get out, see the sights, and grab some dinner.  Don’t want to go alone? Ask some of the attendees you’ve been networking with what their dinner plans are.  Going out is always more fun in groups.  A bonus — you might just gain some new, lifelong friends!

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